Glaciated Low Plateau Section
Appalachian Plateaus Province

Glaciated Low Plateau showing geology and shaded relief


The Glaciated Low Plateau Section includes an area of diversified topography in northeastern Pennsylvania. The topography consists of rounded hills and broad to narrow valleys all of which have been modified by glacial erosion and deposition. Swamps and peat bogs are common in the eastern part of the Section. The Section reflects the interplay between bedrock of various types, mainly sandstones and siltstones, and glacial erosion and deposition. The more erosion-resistant rocks form the hills, while the less erosion-resistant rocks occur in the valleys. Glacial deposits, mainly glacial till or sand and gravel, may occur anywhere, but are found mainly in the valley bottoms and margins.

The Section is in northeastern Pennsylvania and predominates most of Bradford, Susquehanna, Wyoming, Wayne, and Pike Counties and parts of several adjacent counties. The Section can be viewed along many roads. Particularly scenic routes are: Interstate 84 from Milford to Dunmore; Interstate 81 north of Scranton; US Route 6 from Milford to Wellsboro; Pennsylvania Route 191 from Newfoundland to Hancock, New York; US Route 220 from Dushore to New York state; and US Route 15 from Steam Valley to Lawrenceville. Other routes include: Pennsylvania Routes 187 and 14 in Bradford County, 29 and 267 in Susquehanna and Wyoming Counties, 371 in Wayne County, and 402 in Pike County.

Outstanding Scenic Geological Features in the Section are: Buck Falls, Buttermilk Falls, Darby town Falls, Delaware River Gorge, Devils Punch Bowl, Elephants Feet, Elk Hill Overlook, French Azilum Overlook, Fulmer Falls, Harveys Lake, Hawks Nest, Jessup Overlook, Lake Lacawac, Mt. Pisgah, Overlook Cliff, Quicks Bend, Resica Falls, Round Hole, Salt Springs, Shohola Falls, Snow Hill Falls, Tanners Falls, The Neck, Wangum Falls, Winona Falls, and Wyalusing Rocks. Other features include: near Elk Hill Overlook - North Knob and South Knob; above Fulmer Falls - Factory Falls; below Fulmer Falls - Deer Leap Falls; near The Neck - Jayne Bend, and near Round Hole - High Falls, Spruce Cabin Falls, and Leavitt Falls.

State Parks in the Section are: Mt. Pisgah, Hills Creek, Lackawanna, Frances Slocum, and Salt Springs.

State Forest Natural Areas in the Section include: Rennel Run, Stillwater, and Buckhorn, all in Pike County.