Glaciated Pocono Plateau Section
Appalachian Plateaus Province

Glaciated Pocono Plateau Section

The Glaciated Pocono Plateau Section is a broad upland surrounded on all but its western side by a steep to moderately steep slope that marks the boundary with an adjacent Section. The upland is underlain mainly by tough, erosion resistant sandstones that are relatively flat lying. Relief on the upland is generally less than 200 feet, but can be as much as 600 feet where small hills rise above the general level of the upland. Elevations on the upland range from 1,200 to 2,320 feet. Weather in this area can be severe. The upland is drained by several small streams that flow from the upland interior to and away from the margins. The low relief and relative smoothness of the upland surface results from both the flatness of the underlying rock and the scouring of the surface by glacial ice. The area was glaciated at least three different times in the past million years. In ad-dition to erosion, the most recent glacier also left behind a variety of glacial deposits that occur on the surface of the upland. Particularly notable is the abundance of sandstone boulders that litter the surface in many places. Swamps and peat bogs have developed in small undrained depressions created by glacial scour and deposition.

The Section occurs in parts of Carbon, Luzerne, Monroe, Lackawanna, Pike, and Wayne Counties in Northeastern Pennsylvania. The area is crossed by several roads that provide excellent views of the upland including Interstate 80 and 380, and Pennsylvania Route 115. Other good routes are Pennsylvania Routes 903, 423, and 940.

Outstanding Scenic Geological Features within the Section include: Big Pocono Overlook, Buck Hill Falls, Great Falls of the Lehigh, Hickory Run Boulder Field, High Knob, Indian Ladder Falls, Low Knob, Mount Pocono Overlook, Prospect Rock, Split Rock, and The Devils Hole.

State Parks in the Section are: Hickory Run (eastern part, the western part is in the Anthracite Upland Section), Gouldsboro, Tobyhanna, Big Pocono and Promised Land.