Piedmont Upland Section
Piedmont Province


The Piedmont Upland Section consists of broad, gently rolling hills and valleys. Views from uplands often give the viewer the impression that the uplands comprise the remnants of a once continuous sloping surface that is now dissected by the valleys eroded into it. This upland area is developed mainly on metamorphic rocks called schists. These rocks usually have a very well developed plane (schistocity) that was formed during metamorphism. This plane dips at moderately steep angles to the south and stream erosion is often either parallel to or normal to the plane of schistocity. In some places the drainage pattern has a very pronounced rectangular orientation, but for the most part the drainage pattern is dendritic. Local relief is generally less than 300 feet, but it can be as much as 600 feet. Elevations in the section range from 100 to 1,220 feet, but are generally between 400 and 600 feet.

The Piedmont Upland Section occurs in southeastern Pennsylvania in parts of York, Lancaster, Chester, Delaware, and Montgomery Counties. The Section can be viewed along many roads in the counties listed above. Particularly good routes are: Interstate 83 and Pennsylvania Route 74 between York and Maryland; Pennsylvania Route 272 from Buck to Maryland (Lancaster County); US Route 1 from Maryland to Philadelphia; Pennsylvania Route 896 from Strasburg to Maryland; Pennsylvania Route 100 from Bucktown to Maryland; and US Route 322 from Blue Ball to Chester.

Outstanding Geologic Scenic Features in the Section are: Black Barren Spring, Black Rock, Castle Rock, Chickies Rock, Chimney Rock, Conowingo Islands, Counselman Run Area, Devils Plunge Pool, Devils Pool, High Rock, Indian Rock, Marsh Creek Bog, Otter Creek Gorge, Pinnacle Overlook, Pulpit Rock, Serpentine Barrens, Tucquan Glen, and Wildcat Run Gorge. The Conwingo Islands include the following islands: Upper Bear, Lower Bear, Piney, Brushy, Peavine, Wildcat, Crow, Deepwater, Turkey, Little Chestnut, Wolf, Sicily, Beach and Mount Johnson. Other features present in the Section are: at Susquehannock State Park - Susquehannock Overlook; at Indian Rock - Sculptured Rocks; in Wildcat Run Gorge - Wildcat Falls; at Samuel S. Lewis State Park - Mt. Pisgah; in the Serpentine Barrens - Wood Chromite Mine; near Tuquan Glen - Kellys Run Gorge; near Wildcat Run Gorge - Round Top, Hellam Point, and Schulls Rock; between Pinnacle Overlook and Conowingo Islands - Face Rock and Face Rock Overlook; and between Indian Rock and Maryland - River Hills.

State Parks in the Section include: Codorus, Samuel S. Lewis, Susquehannock, White Clay Creek Preserve, Marsh Creek, and Ridley Creek.

There are no State Forest Natural Areas in the Section.