Reading Prong Section
New England Province

Reading Prong Section showing geology and shaded relief


The Reading Prong Section consists of circular to linear, rounded low hills or ridges that project upward in significant contrast to the surrounding lowlands. The hills and ridges are made up of granitic gneiss, granodiorite, and quartzite. These rocks are very resistant to erosion and thus the hills and ridges stand higher than the softer sedimentary rocks that surround them. The slopes of these hills and ridges are steep and have a very well defined change in slope where the bases of the hills and ridges meet the lower and gentler slopes of adjacent Sections. The streams eroding into the hills and ridges are short and steep. Local relief is 300 to 600 feet and elevations range from 140 to 1,364 feet.

This Section occurs in southeastern Pennsylvania in the southern parts of Lebanon, Berks, Lehigh, and Northampton Counties. The Section is crossed by some local roads. A good appreciation of the Section can be gained along Pennsylvania Route 73 in Berks County.

The Outstanding Scenic Geologic Features in the Section include: Cushion Peak, Devils Hump, Eagle Peak, Elephant Rock, Hexenkopf Rock, Jasper Cliffs, Mount Penn Scenic Lookout, and Vera Cruz Jasper Pits. Also in the Section but not shown on the map are: near Jasper Cliffs - Bauer Rock; near Devils Hump - Owl Head and Pinnacle Peak.

There are no State Parks, State Forest Natural Areas, or Picnic Areas in this Section.