Waynesburg Hills Section
Appalachian Plateaus Province

Waynesburg Hills Section showing geology and shaded relief


The Waynesburg Hills Section consists of very hilly with narrow hilltops and steep-sloped, narrow valleys. The local relief is typically 600 to 1000 feet. Elevations range from 848 to 1,638 feet. Some of the land surface of the Section is very susceptible to landslides.

The section occurs mainly in Greene and Washington Counties in southwestern Pennsylvania, with smaller portions in Westmoreland, Allegheny and Fayette Counties.

Some roads along which the character of this Section can be seen are: Interstate 70 through Washington County to West Virginia and Interstate 79 from West Virginia into Greene and Washington counties. Another good route is Pennsylvania 21.

Outstanding Geological Scenic Features in the Section include: California Overlook, Greenfield Bend, Meadowcroft Rock Shelter, and Minnie Knob.

The State Park in the Section is Ryerson Station State Park.

There are no State Forest or Natural Areas in the Section.