Boiling Springs, Cumberland County

Location: Boiling Springs, Cumberland County, Carlisle 7.5-minute quadrangle; approximately 40º 9' latitude and 77 º 7' longitude.

Size: The springs area covers about 2 acres.

Boiling Springs, In the town of Boiling Springs, Pennsylvania.

Geology: Much of the water that enters the colluvium on the northwestern side of the South Mountain area moves into the carbonate rocks of the Great Valley. Solution enhanced openings in the valley transmit groundwater that discharges as large springs such as Boiling Springs, which is also affected by the damming effects of nearby diabase dikes.

Heritage value: Site is scenic geologic feature.

Heritage status: Site is categorized as secure.

How to get there: Located in Boiling Springs, Cumberland County, at the community park along Pennsylvania route 174 ; at the head of the small lake.

Facilities: Boiling Springs, Pa.

References: Way, J. H., 1986, Your guide to the geology of the Kings Gap area, Cumberland County,
Pennsylvania, Pennsylvania Geological Survey, Environmental Geology Report 8, 31 p..

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