Cucumber Falls, Fayette County


Location: Ohiopyle State Park, Fayette County, Fort Necessity 7.5-minute quadrangle; approximately 39º 51' latitude and 79º 30' longitude.

Size: Picturesque waterfall on Cucumber Run, a tributary to the Youghiogheny River; falls drops about 30 feet.

cucumber1    Cucumber Falls in mid-summer in the early 1980s under normal flow conditions. One of the many waterfalls of Ohiopyle

Photo of Cucumber Falls taken after an intense thunderstorm on July 6, 2001. Second photo is from mid-summer in the early 1980s under normal flow conditions. Photos by PaGS staff geologist, Jim Shaulis.

Geology: Water cascades over a lip of coarse-grained sandstone of the Allegheny Formation at Ohiopyle State Park. Beneath the sandstone, finer-grained rocks including shale and a thin coal bed are visible. The Allegheny Formation is an important coal-bearing formation in western Pennsylvania.

Heritage value: Site is scenic and educational.

Heritage status: Site is secure as part of the state park.

How to get there: Located at Ohiopyle State Park, Cucumber Falls is just off Kentuck road at the southern end of the park. Kentuck road intersects Route 381 just south of the Ohiopyle Falls. See DCNR's Ohiopyle State Park web site and the maps of the park.

Facilities: Ohiopyle State Park.

References: None.

For information regarding geologic features and PNHP, contact Jim Shaulis of the Pennsylvania Geological Survey at 717–702–2037.