Heritage Geology Sites

PNHP sites

Locations of PNHP sites (red stars) in Pennsylvania. Triangles indicate sites under review for inclusion.


There are 101 sites in the PNHP database. Ultimately, many of the 514 features described in Outstanding Scenic Geological Features of Pennsylvania (Environmental Geology Report 7, Parts 1 and 2) will be included in the PNHP list. Both of the scenic feature volumes are out of print, but they may be borrowed from or viewed in the Survey library or possibly one of our repository libraries.

Two of the 101 sites are now considered "extinct." The Port Kennedy Bone Cave in Montgomery County was filled in many years ago, and the Swatara Gap fossil site was covered over in the process of bridge construction.

Below are a few sites that are described in more detail:

In addition, visit specific physiographic sections at our Landforms page for further information on scenic and heritage geologic features in Pennsylvania.

For information regarding geologic features and PNHP, contact Jim Shaulis of the Pennsylvania Geological Survey at 717–702–2037.