Trenton and Black River Carbonates in the Union Furnace Area of Blair and Huntingdon Counties, Pennsylvania

Union Furnace Quarry in Huntingdon County


A Field Trip Guidebook for the Eastern Section AAPG Annual Meeting, September 10, 2003 and the PAPG Spring Field Trip, May 26, 2004  


Ordovician carbonates in central Pennsylvania
Geology of the Union Furnace area
Petroleum geochemistry
Road log
Stop 1
Stop 2
Stop 3
Acknowledgements and references
List of figures and plates


Christopher D. Laughrey, Pennsylvania Geological Survey
Jaime Kostelnik, Pennsylvania Geological Survey
David P. Gold, Professor Emeritus, Pennsylvania State University
Arnold G. Doden, Consultant, State College
John A. Harper, Pennsylvania Geological Survey

Edited by John A. Harper

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