Groundwater Data and Reports

The Pennsylvania Geological Survey has been characterizing the state's groundwater resources since the 1930s. The Survey continues to develop regional and statewide datasets and reports on groundwater. The complete series of Water Resource Reports, including those long out of print, is available online. See the following specific reports and lists of reports for groundwater information, including recent releases and data from other organizations.  

Aquifer Characteristics

  • Digital bedrock aquifer characteristics by physiographic section of Pennsylvania. The 2010 geographic information system (GIS) dataset represents a derivative product of the digital bedrock geology dataset and selected water well and groundwater data from Water Resource Report 69. The derivative data are available for downloading in “geodatabase” and shapefile formats.
  • Water Resources Report 69, Hydrogeologic and well-construction characteristics of the rocks of Pennsylvania. This 2004 publication on CD–ROM consists mainly of a database in Microsoft Access containing a statewide statistical summary of the hydrogeologic (physical and chemical) and well-construction (well depth and casing length) characteristics of the stratigraphic units on the 1980 state geologic map.

Pennsylvania Groundwater Information System (PaGWIS)

  • PaGWIS  Online access to individual water well and spring reports and data package downloads. 

Water Resource Reports

Groundwater data are available from water resource reports of the Pennsylvania Geological Survey.

Recent Releases

Recent groundwater reports, videos, and data products from the Pennsylvania Geological Survey are listed below. See our Publications page for more online publications and digital data. 


Data from Other Organizations