Almost all shallow groundwater in Pennsylvania reaches a stream within days, weeks, or months after the water enters the groundwater system.—Page 17, in The Geology of Pennsylvania's Groundwater, ES3.



Groundwater Education

Learn about groundwater through The Geology of Pennsylvania's Groundwater, iConserve videos by Survey staff, and more.



Groundwater Data and Reports

Since the 1930s, the Survey has developed regional and statewide datasets and reports on groundwater. These water resource reports cover much of the state and are available online.




Private Water Wells

More than a million private water supply wells are used in Pennsylvania.  Information is provided here for wellowners, drillers, and those interested in water wells.




The Pennsylvania Groundwater Information System provides online access to individual water well and spring reports and data package downloads.



PA Water Resources

Links are provided on a wide variety of water topics that are related to groundwater, and to organizations that are involved with groundwater.