PaGWIS Download

Below is the link to download the statewide PaGWIS database in Microsoft Access 2000. The database is updated weekly with any new wells completed by drillers in the WebDriller system.

The database contains data for wells, springs, and groundwater quality in Pennsylvania. The Microsoft Access interface form can be used to retrieve data quickly on the basis of county, latitude-longitude rectangle, or approximation of a radius around a point. Coordinate values can be entered in either decimal degree or degree-minute-second formats.

The user is expected to have a working knowledge of Microsoft Access and file management under Windows operating systems. Although form retrievals are provided, the PaGWIS database contains much more data than are retrieved by the default queries. The user can modify the queries to retrieve specific information. Definitions of parameter codes are included in Microsoft Access lookup tables, which are indicated by "LU" in the file name. Because the Access file is part of a relational database, a retrieval of a record may contain more than one line. Therefore, the number of records displayed in a search result is probably not the same as the number of wells found in the search.

Note that the "General Counter" number in the table "tblGenSiteInfo" is the primary identification number of the Access database of PaGWIS. The "GeneralCounter" number is the same as the "PA Well ID" of PaGWIS Online. It is NOT the same as the "PaGWIS_ID" column. Many records do not have a "PaGWIS_ID" value. The "GeneralCounter" column must be manually added to a query to display.

Click on the file to download. Follow the prompts to run or save the compressed file, which is approximately 114 MB. Run or execute the saved file to unzip into an Access 2000 database. The uncompressed file is about 460 MB.


Click to download: PaGWISall.exe