Welcome to WebDriller

This web page describes the Internet-based electronic system called WebDriller, used by water-well drillers to report water-well construction data to the Pennsylvania Bureau of Topographic and Geologic Survey. The digital process replaces the paper form.

Since 1966 the Bureau of Topographic and Geologic Survey has been responsible for collecting, and making available, information about the construction of water wells in the Commonwealth. Collection and dissemination of these data is a major objective of Act 610, the Driller’s Licensing Act of 1956. Previously, data collection efforts consisted of the driller completing a half-page form. These forms were disliked by both the drillers, who must complete them, and our agency, which must process them. With upwards of 15,000 records being submitted annually, the Bureau does not have the resources necessary to interpret the information before entering the data into databases.

In 1998, the Bureau introduced WebDriller to electronically collect water-well information. In June 2009, the Bureau began requiring all reports to be submitted electronically with the release of a new version of WebDriller.  This version combines the tabs across the page and includes a mapping application that can provide latitude and longitude with a click of the mouse on the site location. In addition, there is no longer a time-limit on data entry.  The new WebDriller is a significant step towards better groundwater and water well information of Pennsylvania.