WebDriller is an electronic application for drillers to provide required groundwater completion reports to the Pennsylvania Bureau of Topographic and Geologic Survey. To submit water-well construction data, a driller needs a computer, printer, Internet service, and a web browser. A driller submitting water-well construction data must provide accurate coordinates for the location and assign a unique identification number to each well.

All currently licensed drillers can log onto the system. (The first time a driller logs on, a one-time, default password is used. Then the password has to be changed.) Once online, drillers can submit, edit, and print water well reports, manage their license including the addition of rigs permits or renewal of their license, edit their service profile, and make changes to their accounts.

WebDriller provides error checking during the validation process. Once the report is saved or validated, it is added to WebDriller. The report can be further edited or printed. The final “print for owner” completes the submittal process. The record is marked as complete by the WebDriller system, and cannot be edited further. The completed records are transferred into the PaGWIS database from WebDriller within 30 days after being printed for owner. As required by Act 610, the printed copy must be provided to the well owner.