Getting an account on WebDriller

If you would like more information or are a driller interested in using WebDriller, please contact the Survey office at 717–702–2017 or send an e-mail to WebDriller. To become licensed, include your company information (name, address, and telephone number) and the name of a contact person with an email address. Your company will be assigned a 4-digit license number, which will be the login name for WebDriller. Once in WebDriller, you can use a credit card to obtain the annual drillers license and appropriate number of rig permits for your company. The license and rig permits are printed by the driller once payment is submitted. Annual costs are $60 for a license and $20 for each rig permit. The driller year runs from June 1 to May 31 of the following year.


In order to participate in this process, a driller must have the following minimum general components:

  1. Computer with a web browser.
  2. Internet service provider plus the hardware necessary to connect to the service.
  3. Printer.

If you cannot meet these minimal requirements, please contact the bureau.