WebDriller System Requirements

In order to participate in this process a driller must have the following general components:

  1. Computer with a web browser.
  2. Internet service provider plus the hardware necessary to connect to the service.
  3. Printer.
  4. Method for determining the latitude and longitude in decimal degrees (or UTM coordinates) for each well.

The best method for determining location is a hand-held global positioning system (GPS).  The GPS can provide the location in decimal degrees using the North American Datum (NAD) 1983. See WebDriller Tips for more information.

In addition, WebDriller has a built-in map application that automatically determines latitude and longitude in decimal degrees based on a click on the map at the well location. 

Various Internet mapping applications also can provide geographic coordinates in decimal degrees.  One site is PAMAP viewer. When using this site, first set (under “User Preferences”) the “Projection for Point Coordinates” as “Geographic.” Use the “Control Panel” to select layers used in the map. Latitude and longitude can be determined by zooming in to your well location. Then click on the “Measure” tool and select “point coordinates.” Latitude and longitude in decimal degrees are provided for the spot clicked on the map.