Map 69

Map 69, Earthquake Catalog and Epicenter Map of Pennsylvania, is an epicenter (location) map and catalog of recorded seismic events in and near Pennsylvania. Staff geologist Rodger T. Faill compiled a complete listing of events from the earliest recorded, in 1724, to July 31, 2003. To see a detailed summary of the report, and to order a hard copy, visit our Publications web page.
Download Map 69 in a new window (PDF 2.22 MB). Please read disclaimer before downloading.


Download  (PDF - 2.23 MB; opens in a new window). Please read disclaimer before downloading. This file can be used to print the color map at its full size of approximately 46 by 32 inches.

Download the epicenter point data files (Zip files - 89KB). This data set is in an ESRI shapefile format and includes the information presented on the map. The metadata file for these data points is also included along with the Map 69 references (90 KB).