Landslides in Pennsylvania

Landsliding is a natural geologic process that has played a large part in shaping the landscape of Pennsylvania. “Landslide” is a general term for downslope mass movement of soil, rock, or a combination of materials on an unstable slope. It can be rapid, very slow, or in between. It can involve large or small areas and volumes of material. The principal types of movement are falling, sliding and flowing, but combinations of these are common. As human impact on the land increases, we both cause more landslides and are increasingly affected by natural ones. In some parts of Pennsylvania, landslides are a significant hazard. See areas of Pennsylvania that are susceptible to landslides. The effects and costs of landslides can be quite high.

Additional Information

For additional information on this geologic hazard, see our list of publications on landslides in Pennsylvania, which includes links to online reports and maps.