U.S. Geological Survey
Open-File Report 78–1057

Landslides and Related Features, Ohio, West Virginia, and Pennsylvania
[Canton 1- by 2-Degree Sheet]


by W. E. Davies, G. C. Olmacher, and J. S. Pomeroy                  canton_index                 

General Note

The maps on landslides and related features in the Canton 1- by 2-degree quadrangle were prepared by the U.S. Geological Survey in the late 1970s as part of an Appalachians-wide study of landslides. Although the report is a compilation of 128 quadrangle maps at 1:24,000 scale, only the 40 quadrangle maps that pertain to Pennsylvania are presented here.

Limitations and Appropriate Use of the Maps

The features shown on the maps were identified from aerial photographs. Field checking was minimal (average one day per quadrangle of field work). The maps are not intended to be used to indicate landslide susceptibility of specific sites, but rather as a guide to areas where more detailed investigation is appropriate when making decisions about land use or development.

The following files contain important information concerning the content, completeness, and accuracy of the features shown on the maps and the quality of the images. It is the responsibility of the user to read these files before using the maps, and each user is responsible for the appropriate application of the data.

U.S. Geological Survey note on each 1:24,000-scale map.
Pennsylvania Geological Survey distribution liability and access constraints.
Pennsylvania Geological Survey general notes on imaging.

List of Quadrangles

The following is a list of quadrangles in the Canton sheet that occur in Pennsylvania. The index map shows the location of the quadrangles on a county base map.The list has links to the map images, which are in PDF format.


AvellaClintonMidlandSteubenville East
BadenEast Liverpool North MidwayValley Grove
BeaverEast Liverpool SouthNew Castle South Washington East
Beaver FallsEast PalestineNew GalileeWashington West
BessemerEllsworthNew MiddletownWeirton
BethanyEmsworthOakdaleWest Middletown
BridgevilleEvans City Pittsburgh WestZelienople


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