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Hickory Run boulder field

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Fifty Years of Helping Producers and Consumers of Industrial Minerals Find Each Other  

Since 1965, the Pennsylvania Geological Survey has compiled and published lists of companies, large and small, that mine and sell the industrial minerals that form the raw material from which roads, sidewalks, foundations, masonry, stone buildings, monuments, and many other things are made. Industrial minerals also provide materials for applications such as acid neutralization in soil and fluxing agents in steelmaking.

The newest list, Directory of Nonfuel-Mineral Producers in Pennsylvania, was recently released on our website as Open-File Report OFMR 15–01.0. This is the second time that the directory has been published in a purely digital format. There were five printed versions between 1965 and 1997, with the 1997 version being published in both print and digital formats. The first all-digital version was released in 2011.

OFMR 15–01.0 contains information about the operations of 230 producers, including contact information for each company, the names and locations of their operations, the products being marketed, and the stratigraphic name and lithology of the rock being mined. As in past years, this directory contains listings for companies that voluntarily responded to mailed questionnaires and indicated that they wanted to be included.

The directory can be accessed in two formats: as a tabular listing and as an interactive web-mapping application. The table of companies is organized alphabetically, first by commodity, then by rock type, and then by county. The interactive map allows one to search on any combination of those categories, or by operation name, or by outlining an area of interest. On the map, it is also possible to see a close-up aerial view of each operation and get driving directions to its location.