Library Texts and Journals


The library collection includes over 20,000 geological publications including maps and more than 90 geological journal titles. Government documents and selected publications from other states and countries are available.

A complete collection of the Pennsylvania Geological Survey publications are in the library. (See Publication Series of the Pennsylvania Geological Survey for a description of each series in the Fourth Survey collection and Repository Libraries for a worldwide list of libraries that receive Survey publications.)

U.S. Geological Survey publications housed in the library include bulletins, circulars, professional papers, field folios for Pennsylvania and a few field folios from other states, a complete set of thematic maps (for example, geophysical- or coal-investigation maps) for areas in the United States (also some for planets), and folios (15-minute, 1:62,500 geologic maps and text from the early 1900s) for Pennsylvania. The thematic maps and folios are not circulated.

The collection also includes information circulars, reports of investigations, technical progress reports, and mineral yearbooks published by the U.S. Bureau of Mines.

Materials are listed in a (manual) card catalogue by subject, author, title, and index, and a digital database (GEOREF) is available for bibliographic searches.