Library Topographic Maps

The U. S. Geological Survey offers digital versions of 7.5-minute topographic maps. These maps are available for free download from the USGS store. To locate a map, use the Map Locator & Downloader tool and enter the address, place name, or the USGS map name in the search box. Once the area of interest is located, click on the marker to view a thumbnail image of the map, download the map, or order a paper copy from the USGS.

Nearly 90,000 high resolution scans of the more than 200,000 historical USGS topographic maps, some dating as far back as 1884, are now available on-line from the U.S. Geological Survey. The Historical Map Collection includes published U.S. topographic maps of all scales and editions, and are offered as a georeferenced digital download or as a printed copy from the USGS store.

The Pennsylvania Geological Survey library collection includes earlier editions of topographic maps (published by the U.S. Geological Survey) for areas in Pennsylvania at the various scales listed below. All maps can be viewed in the library, but maps for personal use must be purchased from private vendors or the U.S. Geological Survey (telephone: 1-888-ASK-USGS or 1-888-275-8747).

7.5-minute: 1:24,000 scale
15-minute: 1:62,500 scale
County: 1:50,000 scale
Regional: 30- x 60-minute areas, 1:100,000 scale; 1- x 2-degree areas, 1:250,000 scale
State: 1:500,000 scale

Web site Links

Links for obtaining digital raster graphics (DRGs) or other digital images of topographic maps


Links for obtaining paper copies of topographic maps

Order paper copies from USGS

Quadrangle Index

Map 61 may be used as a quadrangle index to find the location of a particular 7.5-minute quadrangle in Pennsylvania. The USGS Store web site also can be used as a quadrangle map locator. "Enter" the USGS store and choose the map locator icon to locate quadrangles.

Other Information

See also the PAMAP page — the seamless digital base map of Pennsylvania at 1:2,400-scale to replace the traditional 1:24,000 scale paper topographic maps. High resolution orthophotos and digital elevation data are available for the entire state. Links to a viewer and a tool to simplify downloading data for use in Geographic Information System software are on the PAMAP page.