Educational Series

Description: Below is a list of titles in the educational series published by the Pennsylvania Geological Survey. This popular series contains introductory material for students and interested adults on a variety of geologic topics with a focus on Pennsylvania. ES 1 through ES 12 were published as booklets, and ES 13 was published online as a Flash (animated) file. The publications in this series are free.

Disclaimer: Each user is responsible for the appropriate application of Pennsylvania Geological Survey reports and data as explained in our official disclaimer.

Availability: All of the titles in the list below are active links that will open PDF files of the booklets (ES 1 through ES 12) or the Flash file for ES 13. In addition, booklets that are in print may be ordered from the Bureau of Topographic and Geologic Survey. The titles of in-print booklets are followed by a link to ordering instructions, where you should follow the instructions for free publications.

The published printed copies of ES 1 through ES 12 can also be borrowed from the Survey library.


Series No.

ES 1

Rocks and minerals of Pennsylvania

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ES 2

Common fossils of Pennsylvania

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ES 3

The geology of Pennsylvania's groundwater

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ES 4

The geological story of Pennsylvania

ES 5

Geology and the Gettysburg campaign

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ES 6

Pennsylvania and the Ice Age

ES 7

Coal in Pennsylvania

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ES 8

Oil and gas in Pennsylvania

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ES 9

Landslides in Pennsylvania

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ES 10

Earthquake hazard in Pennsylvania

ES 11

Sinkholes in Pennsylvania

ES 12

The nonfuel mineral resources of Pennsylvania

ES 13

Reading and using maps