Description: Below is a list of maps published by the Pennsylvania Geological Survey. They include geologic, lithologic, topographic, physiographic, and resource maps at various scales. Most maps in this series were released as printed publications. Maps 68 and 70 were online publications, and Map 69 was published on CD–ROM.

You may notice from the list below that the title for Map 1 and Map 7 is the same (Geologic Map of Pennsylvania), but they are unique publications with very different map scales. More detailed bibliographic information, including map scales, is given in the Survey’s list of publications. Short report descriptions can be found on report landing pages, which are accessed through a publications search on the PaGEODE website.

Disclaimer: Each user is responsible for the appropriate application of Pennsylvania Geological Survey reports and data as explained in our official disclaimer.

State Geologic Map: Map 1, which shows at 1:250,000 scale the statewide distribution of bedrock geologic units, has been the Survey’s most purchased map. Although Map 1 is no longer in print, scans of the three map sheets, as well as GIS data that were slightly modified from source materials used for this publication, are available.

Two other maps that are closely associated with the state geologic map are Map 61 and Map 63. Map 61 is an atlas of compilation maps used to prepare much of the state geologic map. It contains 624 black-and-white, 7.5-minute quadrangle maps printed at page size (1:62,500 scale) and a short text that explains map construction and reliability. For Map 63, the units on Map 1 were combined into 19 general rock types, and the contacts were generalized for a smaller (1:500,000) scale.

Posters and Page-Size Maps: Three colorful posters and seven page-size maps are popular educational tools. Maps 65, 66, and 67 are 1:500,000-scale maps of the state showing shaded-relief, land-cover classifications, and geology draped over topography, respectively. Maps 66 and 67 are available as rolled posters, and all three map posters may be downloaded as ZIP files that contain PDF images of the original publications and modified tabloid-size (1:1,350,000-scale) versions. The page-size maps of Pennsylvania focus on popular geologic topics (e.g., physiographic regions or distribution of coal fields). These maps are indicated as “(page-size)” after their titles in the list below.

Availability: If a title in the list below is a link, then the report was prepared for online distribution. Depending on the type of map, the link will either initiate the download of a ZIP file, take you to a landing page (Map 1), or open a PDF (page-size map). In addition, several free maps are still in print and may be ordered from the Bureau of Topographic and Geologic Survey. In the list below, the titles of these maps are followed by a link to ordering instructions, where you should follow the instructions for free publications. 

The published printed copies of most maps can be borrowed from the Survey library or possibly from one of our repository libraries. If you are not near one of these libraries, you can go to a local library and ask the librarian to arrange an interlibrary loan.

Maps 5 and 8 could not be located in our collections and, accordingly, were not prepared for online distribution. If you have either of these maps and are willing to let us scan them, please contact the Survey’s Middletown office.

GIS Data: GIS data based on the source materials for Map 1 (the state bedrock geologic map) were released by the Pennsylvania Geological Survey in 2001. An explanation of the data and links to that data are on the landing page for the Map 1 report.

Map 69, Earthquake Catalog and Epicenter Map of Pennsylvania, includes an ArcInfo export file, an ArcGIS shapefile, a georeferenced map image (GeoTIFF), and a database with locational information.  


Series No.
# 1
includes GIS data
# 2
# 3
# 4
# 5
Undrilled areas of Kinzua and northern Kane quadrangles
# 6
# 7
# 8
Topographic map of Bucks County
# 9
# 10
# 11
# 12
# 13
# 14
# 15
# 27

Industrial minerals produced in Pennsylvania

# 38
# 39
# 41
# 42
# 43
# 44
# 45
# 48
# 49
# 59
# 61
# 62
# 63
# 64
# 65

# 66
# 67
# 68
# 69
includes GIS data
# 70