First Pennsylvania Geological Survey Maps

1858 State Geologic Map

1858 State Geologic MapThe 1858 geologic map of Pennsylvania was based on mapping by the First Pennsylvania Geological Survey from 1836 (the year the Survey was founded) to 1857. The map was issued in 1858 as part of a final report under the direction of Henry D. Rogers, the first State Geologist. Rogers, who was 26 when appointed in 1836, had been the New Jersey State Geologist the previous year. The final report contained two volumes for a total of 1,631 pages. More information on the First Pennsylvania Survey can be found in the February 1987 issue of Pennsylvania Geology (v. 18, no. 1), which commemorated the sesquicentennial year of the Survey. 


title block of the 1858 geologic map

The title block of the 1858 geologic map (shown to the left) reads: “Geological Map of the State of Pennsylvania, constructed from original surveys made between the years 1836 and 1857. Under the Superintendence of Henry D. Rogers, State Geologist. To accompany the Final Report on the Geological Survey of the State 1858.” 

The number of existing copies of this rare map is unknown. The PDF version that is included in the ZIP file here was created from individual sections of the map that long ago had been mounted on canvas. Scans of the 24 sections were tiled together digitally to reassemble the map.      1858 Anthracite Fields of Pennsylvania





1858 Anthracite Fields of Pennsylvania

This map (shown to the right) was also included in the report.




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