Miscellaneous Papers

Description: Below is a list of miscellaneous papers published by the Pennsylvania Geological Survey. The papers report on the activities of the Pennsylvania Geological Survey from 1919 through 1944. More detailed bibliographic information is given in the Survey’s list of publications.

Disclaimer: Each user is responsible for the appropriate application of Pennsylvania Geological Survey reports and data as explained in our official disclaimer.

Availability: All of the miscellaneous papers have been out of print for many years. Five of the miscellaneous papers were scanned for online distribution, and clicking on the title of one of those papers in the list below will initiate the download of a ZIP file that was prepared for the report.

Except for Miscellaneous Paper 4, which is not in the Survey’s collection, the miscellaneous papers may be viewed in the Survey library. Due to their fragile condition, they cannot be checked out. It is also possible that some or all of the miscellaneous papers are available from one of our repository libraries


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