Open-File Report OFMI 13–01.1

Geohydrologic and Water-Quality Characterization of a Fractured-Bedrock Test Hole in an Area of Marcellus Shale Gas Development, Bradford County, Pennsylvania

OFMI_13_01_Web_Image.pngOpen-File Miscellaneous Investigation 13–01.1 presents the results of geohydrologic investigations on a 1,664-foot-deep core hole drilled in the Bradford County part of the Gleason 7.5-minute quadrangle in north-central Pennsylvania. In the text, the authors discuss their methods of investigation, summarize physical and analytical results, and place those results in context. Four appendices include (1) a full description of the core in an Excel worksheet; (2) water-quality and core-isotope analytical results in Excel workbooks; (3) geophysical logs in LAS and PDF files, and an Excel workbook containing attitudes of bedding and fractures calculated from televiewer logs; and (4) MP4 clips from the downhole video at selected horizons.

Because of the large file size of the video clips, this report is provided as two downloadable ZIP files: one file contains the text and first three appendices, and the other file contains the Appendix 4 video clips.

OFMI 13–01 Text and Appendices 1–3 (22.5 MB)
OFMI 13–01 Appendix 4 (351 MB) 

Suggested Citation: Risser, D. W., Williams, J. H., Hand, K. L., and others, 2013, Geohydrologic and water-quality characterization of a fractured-bedrock test hole in an area of Marcellus shale gas development, Bradford County, Pennsylvania: Pennsylvania Geological Survey, 4th ser., Open-File Report OFMI 13–01.1, 49 p., 4 appendices. [Available online as a ZIP file.]