Open-File Report (OFMI) 05–01.1

Geologic Units Containing Potentially Significant
Acid-Producing Sulfide Minerals

Revised march 2006 


Map compilation notes

This map was developed through the cooperation of three agencies: Bureau of Topographic and Geologic Survey of the Department of Conservation and Natural Resources, the Department of Environmental Protection, and the Pennsylvania Department of Transportation (PennDOT). The map can be downloaded below; the text and a description of the map layers also are available.

The March 2006 version corrects some reference citations.


  • Open-file report (Zip 2.27 MB); opens in a new window. Geologic map is located on page 8 of the document. To print the map, follow printing instructions in the document.

Suggested Citation: Pennsylvania Geological Survey, 2005, Geologic units containing potentially significant acid-producing sulfide minerals: Pennsylvania Geological Survey, 4th ser., Open-File Report OFMI 05–01.1, 9 p., Portable Document Format (PDF).