More Information

Open-File General Geology (OFGG) Report OFGG 05–01.0

Data layers and descriptions of the geospatial layers of this report are included with geospatial data downloads and the metadata documents. Please also note software requirements below.

Software Requirements

ArcGIS Users:

As all the data layers were generated in ArcGIS (8.3), any user can access, manipulate or edit the data layers.

ArcView 3.x Users: All shapefiles (.shp) are accessible for ArcView 3.x users. However, images may not be seen using ArcView since they are prepared in the ArcGIS. We also suggest the use of ArcExplorer for viewing the images. More information about ArcExplorer is available from the ESRI web site.

Other GIS Software Users:

As data layers are in shapefile format that is standard for all GIS software, one can easily access the database. However, other image files (.tif) may be problematic for non-ArcGIS software users. For any data access problems users may contact DCNR’s Bureau of Topographic and Geologic Survey.

If you have questions regarding the geologic data sources and interpretations, contact David P. Gold, 814–865–7261.

For more information regarding the web pages and downloads, contact Stuart Reese, Bureau of Topographic and Geologic Survey, at 717–702–2028.