Subsurface Rock Correlation Diagram


I wish to thank several individuals who assisted with the preparation of this open-file report. Most notably, thank you to John Harper, Chief of the Pennsylvania Geological Survey’s Oil, Gas, and Subsurface Geological Services office in Pittsburgh. John provided both technical and creative guidance during the course of my work, and was the author of the original stratigraphic chart on which this report is based. Many thanks also go to Stuart Reese, a fellow geologist in the Survey’s Middletown headquarters, who assisted me with the web layout and functionalities of this report. Stuart’s helpful suggestions make this digital subsurface rock correlation diagram a pleasure to use.

I’d also like to thank my technical reviewers - Christopher Laughrey of the Pennsylvania Geological Survey, Karen McCoy of the Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection, and Kathy Flaherty of ABARTA Oil & Gas Company, Inc., each of whom provided useful, timely input on report content and layout. Further, I want to acknowledge Jaime Kostelnik, also of the Pennsylvania Geological Survey, who provided valuable input regarding the relevance of Survey reports to geologic units illustrated in the diagram.

Finally, I want to recognize the Midwest Regional Carbon Sequestration Partnership (MRCSP), which was responsible for the regional, geologic maps provided herein. The MRCSP is a public/private consortium led by Battelle Memorial Institute and charged with assessing the technical potential, economic viability, and public acceptability of carbon sequestration within a seven-state region that includes Pennsylvania, Ohio, West Virginia, Maryland, Michigan, and portions of Kentucky and Indiana. The MRCSP is funded through the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) as part of an overall DOE strategy to develop robust, cost-effective options for mitigating carbon dioxide emissions that contribute to climate change. Regional, geologic maps were created by the MRCSP’s geologic research team, led by Larry Wickstrom of the Ohio Division of Geological Survey. Other team members included John Rupp and Premkrishnan Radhakrishnan (Indiana); Dr. James Drahovzal, Dr. Stephen Greb, Brandon Nuttall, Marty Parris, and Mike Solis (Kentucky); Dr. Gerald Baum, Christine Conn, Catherine Garcia, and Sacha Lanham (Maryland); Dr. William Harrison III and Dr. David Barnes (Michigan); James McDonald, Donovan Powers, Ernie Slucher, Dr. Erik Venteris, and Joseph Wells (Ohio); Dr. John Harper, Karen McCoy, and myself (Pennsylvania); Katharine Lee Avary, Dr. Michael Hohn, Patrick Kish, and Susan Pool (West Virginia); and Dr. Neeraj Gupta (Battelle Memorial Institute).