Subsurface Rock Correlation Diagram

Type Log Locations and Information



Type Logs and Formation Tops: (101 MB)

Type Log Wells Spreadsheet (45 KB)

For the purposes of this report, representative type logs were chosen based on both geographic location and deepest formation penetrated by the well. All of the type logs are at least as deep as the Upper Devonian Tully Limestone, and some even penetrate Precambrian metamorphic rocks.To view permit numbers, simply glance your mouse’s cursor over the well/quadrangle location.

The last several entries in the type log wells spreadsheet provide details on the type log, including: (1) log of preference, meaning which type of log spans most, if not all, of the well’s total depth, and provides the most geophysical data in one image (e.g., combination gamma ray neutron density log); (2) whether there are multiple logs on file for the location (Y – yes; N – no); and (3) the top and bottom of the logged interval in feet.

039-20090; 039-20907; 039-23539125-20082059-20038051-20041; 051-20056111-20045003-20046057-20001087-20002009-20043009-20034009-20060007-20060067-20001117-20057025-20002037-90000097-20002103-20003015-20028115-20006119-90000081-90002079-20003127-20005069-20001131-90000049-23768; 049-24994039-20131039-20007039-20090; 039-20907; 039-23539085-20116085-20036073-20130019-90063019-20690121-31222031-20168005-21201063-20984063-20277; 063-25437021-20050021-20031033-20387013-20008027-20022027-20001027-20007035-20276105-20182083-22529083-31744023-20034065-20480065-20989047-20287047-23482053-21250123-20150123-20609049-20109049-20049