Open-File Report OFMR 15–01.0

Directory of Nonfuel-Mineral Producers in Pennsylvania

Supersedes Open-File Report OFMR 11–01.1


Open-File Report OFMR 15–01.0 is a compilation of information about the availability of nonfuel-mineral commodities that are mined in Pennsylvania. These are commodities that are used for construction materials, for improving agricultural production, and as raw materials for many kinds of manufactured products, including bricks, pottery, and carved monuments. Included in the compilation are the contact information for each company, the names and locations of their operations, the geologic formations that they are mining, and the products that they sell.

The primary purpose of this directory is to provide an up-to-date listing of Pennsylvania’s nonfuel-mineral producers so that individuals searching for a specific product can readily identify the closest appropriate sources. The identification of the geologic formations should assist the knowledgeable reader in forming a general characterization of the physical and chemical properties of the mineral products and can serve as a guide to the potential for additional undeveloped resources. Those potential resources should be considered in land-use planning.

The directory is published in two formats. One is a list of operations organized alphabetically by commodity category, then the lithology, then the county, and finally by the name of the producer.

Non Fuel Directroy 

The other format is an interactive mapping application that allows the user to search for operations by product, lithology, and county. A map shows the locations of the operations of interest. A mouse click on an operation will open a pop-up that shows the contact information for the operator, a list of all the products, and the geologic formation and lithology being mined. At the bottom of the pop-up one can request driving directions to the site. The user can select from a variety of base maps and zoom in for a closer view of the operation. Underlying data can be extracted using the “Extract Data” command under “Tools.”

Interactive Map

OFMR 15–01.0 is the most recent update to a series of directories that date back to 1965. As before, it was assembled with the assistance and cooperation of the state’s mineral producers, many of whom responded to questionnaires that were sent to them in the summer of 2015. It is not a complete listing of all nonfuel-mineral extraction operations in Pennsylvania because it includes only those producers who returned the questionnaires and agreed to be listed.

This report has not undergone external peer review.  




Suggested Citation: Barnes, J. H., compiler, 2015, Directory of nonfuel-mineral producers in Pennsylvania: Pennsylvania Geological Survey, 4th ser., Open-File Report OFMR 15–01.0, 152 p. [Available online.]