Open-File Report OFMR 11–01.1

Directory of the Nonfuel-Mineral Producers in Pennsylvania

Supersedes Open-File Report OF 97–04

Open-File Report OFMR 11–01.1 is a compilation of information about companies that extract and sell commodities such as construction aggregate, agricultural lime, and similar materials, some of which have highly specialized uses. Included in the compilation are the contact information for each company, the names and locations of their operations, the geologic formations that they are mining, and the products that they sell.

The directory is published as a list of operations organized first by the principal commodity, then the lithology, and then the county.

Non Fuel Mineral Directory.jpg

The compilation can also be accessed as an interactive mapping application that allows the user to search for operations using criteria such as the product that is being sold or the lithology that is being mined. A map shows the locations of the operations of interest. A mouse click on the operation shows the contact information for the operator, a list of all of their products and the geological formations that are being mined, an aerial view of the operation, and driving directions.

Interactive Map Non Fuel.jpg

This is the most recent update to a series of directories that date back to 1965, when the first edition was published as Information Circular 54. There were three subsequent editions of IC 54, the last published in 1985. In 1997, the directory was published online as Open-File Report 97–04, which is superseded by this version.

The directory was assembled with the assistance and cooperation of the state's mineral producers, many of whom responded to questionnaires that were sent to them in 2007. This is not a complete listing because only those producers who returned the questionnaires and agreed to be listed are included in this directory.

This report has not undergone external peer review.


Directory (PDF 773 KB); opens in a new window.


Suggested Citation: Barnes, J. H., compiler, 2011, Directory of the nonfuel-mineral producers in Pennsylvania: Pennsylvania Geological Survey, 4th ser., Open-File Report OFMR 11–01.1, 184 p. Available online.