Site Marker Sign

Trail of Geology Sign

The numbered sites (1 through 8) in this guide are marked in the field with signs like the one pictured here (actual size is 10 inches square). These sites, except Site 8 (Jacksville Esker), are all within either Moraine or McConnells Mill State Parks. All of the numbered sites (including Site 8) are open to the public, and may be visited. They are all marked on the interactive index map.

The lettered sites (A through N) in this guide are less accessible to the visitor than the numbered sites, and are not marked in the field. They are usually on private property (and may not be visited without the owner's permission), within one of the state parks, but not easily accessible to the casual visitor, associated with a numbered site, or have little of geological interest to see. Those within the state parks may be visited. These locations are also marked on the interactive index map.

The hard copy version of the park guide is also available as a PDF.