Muddy Creek Oil Field



Muddy Creek Oil Field Addendum to PG4

The Muddy Creek Oil Field was discovered in 1889 in the Muddy Creek valley (now beneath Lake Arthur) and the hills to the south of the lake. About 360 wells were drilled in the field to depths of 850 to 1150 feet.






Before Lake Arthur could be built, all of the old abandoned wells had to be found. This and all of the other wells were filled with cement to prevent the migration of oil and salt water into fresh-water aquifers and to the surface, and therefore, the lake.





The wells were pumped with jacks and central powers. This pumphouse has been restored to show visitors how they were used to pump multiple shallow oil wells with a single engine.
It is located along the Big Run arm of Lake Arthur at the letter (L) on the centerfold map.




The oil produced was stored in tanks near the well until it could be removed, probably by truck. This tank is near the Wyggeston Trail north of Christley Road.