Jacksville Esker, Butler County

The Jacksville Esker (also known as the Miller Esker and West Liberty Hogback) extends back about 6 miles from the glacial margin in two separate segments. The esker was originally a continuous ridge throughout its length, but its center has been eroded by Slippery Rock Creek (see index map).

At the end of the esker, at the intersection of West Liberty and Moore Roads about a ½ mile toward West Liberty from the site marker, is a large body of sand and gravel that was deposited as a delta where the subglacial stream that formed the esker flowed from the glacier into the glacier-dammed Lake Edmund.

The segment of the Jackville Esker pictured here is owned by the Western Pennsylvania Conservancy, and is open to the public. It is part of the longest (3 miles) segment of the esker.

Photo by Gary Fleeger, PaGS.