Special Publication

Description: Special Publication 1, The Geology of Pennsylvania, was copublished by the Survey and the Pittsburgh Geological Society. It was not only the result of a successful partnership but also an extraordinary group accomplishment by many dedicated authors, reviewers, and other contributors from academia, industry, and government.

The Society, through a special committee, planned and organized the chapters, selected authors, and raised part of the printing costs. Reginald P. Briggs then of Geomega, Inc. (now deceased), was head of the committee and managing editor of the project. The editor of the volume was Charles H. Shultz, then a professor at Slippery Rock University. Briggs, Shultz, and other members of the Society were also authors of several chapters in the book.

The Bureau of Topographic and Geologic Survey made significant contributions to the publication. Fourteen present or former staff members were authors or coauthors of 22 of the 57 chapters. Most of the remaining staff of the bureau at the time of publication were involved in the technical review, editing, or drafting of the volume.

When it was first printed in 1999, the book quickly became one of the Survey’s all-time best sellers, and the edition sold out in less than one year. Continuous demand for the publication resulted in another collaboration between the Survey and the Society for a second printing in 2002. 

The 888-page hardbound book is divided into 10 parts: 

Stratigraphy and Sedimentary Tectonics
Geology and Tectonics
Regional Geophysics
Geologic History
Mineral Resources
Water Resources
Environmental and Engineering Applications
The Geologic Tourist

Within the 10 parts are 57 chapters, authored by 90 individuals. The two-color book contains more than 800 illustrations, an extensive bibliography, a detailed index, and a 16-page section printed in full color.

Disclaimer: Each user is responsible for the appropriate application of Pennsylvania Geological Survey reports and data as explained in our official disclaimer.

Availability: The Geology of Pennsylvania may be ordered for $23.50 plus shipping costs and state tax (if mailed to a Pennsylvania address) from ShopPAHeritage.com. The book can also be borrowed from the Survey library or possibly from one of our repository libraries. If you are not near one of these libraries, you can go to a local library and ask the librarian to arrange an interlibrary loan.