Hunting in Pennsylvania


State Forests

Over 2.2 million acres of "big woods" beckon hunters to pursue everything from wild turkeys to ruffed grouse, white-tailed deer and black bears. Whether you're looking for an easily accessible hunting spot or a remote, wilderness hunting experience, our state forest system has something for you.


State Parks

Many areas in our 120 state parks are open to hunting, offering a variety of game species and habitats. From waterfowl to white-tailed deer, pursue your quarry at a state park near you.




Help DCNR and other land managers improve habitat conditions in selected areas. Obtain a permit to take additional anterless deer during anterless season.


State Game Lands

With more than 1.4 million acres, Pennsylvania's Game Lands afford some of the best hunting opportunities in the state—from marshy lowlands to forested uplands and everything in between.



Find Hunting by Region

Track down the details of what every part of the state serves up when it comes to hunting.