Wild Notes Spring 2010 edition

Spring 2010

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Cosmo the flying squirrel


From the Editor's desk
Editor Jessica Sprajcar is a Conservation Program Manager with D C N R's Office of Conservation Science

I would like to reintroduce myself; my name is Jessica Sprajcar and I am the new editor of Keystone Wild!Notes. I have been actively involved with WRCP for more than 4 years now, organizing educational activities at Wild Resource Festivals, starring in Cosmo's World, and other interesting tasks. My involvement with WRCP is constantly adapting, and that’s what makes my job so great!

My job is not without complications, though. The current economic crisis is having an impact on WRCP. Revenue coming in through donations, tax checkoffs, and merchandise sales is not what it has been in years past, so cuts have had to be made. Keystone Wild! Notes first went from a paper publication to an online-only document with a paid editor, and now it is being done completely in-house with existing staff at the Department of Conservation and Natural Resources, with help from the Department of Environmental Protection’s graphics office. As I get a handle on the editing responsibilities, please be patient. The learning curve is great, but so are the opportunities to take this publication in new and exciting directions.

Over the course of the next few issues you will notice some new features and
ways for you to get more involved. We want to know how our readers feel
about Wild!Notes, so beginning in the spring issue, you will have a chance to
have Letters to the Editor published (see text box below for more details). We
will feature one or two letters each issue, and no question or comment about
WRCP and Wild! Notes is too taboo. We welcome comments, issues, questions, and anything else you can think of.

Another feature that will debut in future issues is the opportunity for you to
submit your outdoor photos and story ideas that you would like to see included in Wild!Notes . We want this newsletter to remain dynamic and fresh; we can only do that with your great ideas and creativity. I look forward to working with all of you and seeing the exciting directions we can take Keystone Wild! Notes in the coming years.

Yours in conservation,
Jessica Sprajcar

Seeking letters to the editor for next edition of Keystone WildNotes

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