Wild Notes Spring 2010 edition

Spring 2010

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Cosmo the flying squirrel


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Superfund site at Lehigh Gap Nature Center
This barren landscape has been restored and turned into the
Lehigh Gap Nature Center. Read on to see what it looks like now.

From Superfund to Super Habitat:
Lehigh Gap Nature Center

by Diane Husic and Dan Kunkle

A miraculous transformation has occurred in eastern Pennsylvania. One of the largest Superfund (toxic chemical contaminated) sites east of the Mississippi River has been transformed into the Lehigh Gap Nature Center—a refuge for wildlife and for people.

Air pollution stemming from zinc smelting operations in the town of Palmerton in Carbon County led to serious environmental damage; in part because of the nature of the pollutants (acid deposition and toxic metals) and partially as a result of the geography of the Lehigh Gap area. Here, the Kittatinny Ridge rises 1,000 feet from the valley floors, forming a barrier that trapped the smog

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