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Summer 2010

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On May 1, nearly 1,100 people Did Something Wild! at the Tom Ridge Environmental Center at Presque isle State Park. They participated in the fifth Wild Resource Conservation Festival and enjoyed hands-on exhibits, field trips and some even tried their hand at fishing with the S.O.N.S. of Lake Erie fishing club. The festival gave them a chance to meet Pennsylvania's leading scientists and conservationists and see how they are working to conserve our native species.

little girl with fish she caught
One lucky girl catches her first fish at Presque Isle.
(Photo: Jessica Sprajcar)

Visitors learned to use scientific equipment, could see and hold live animals, and enjoyed conservation-themed arts and crafts. Among the most popular exhibits were the Fish and Boat Commission reptiles and amphibians, where you could hold a black rat snake or get face-to-face with a timber rattlesnake (behind glass, of course); the entomologists from the Carnegie Museum of Natural History, who not only brought in spectacular exhibits of insects from around the world, but would also identify bugs that visitors brought in; and Allegheny College's forestry exhibit where you could learn how to read tree rings and corings. Visitors also had the opportunity to go on hikes and learn about butterflies, native plants and invasive species.

This was the second time we held the Wild Resource Festival at the Tom Ridge Environmental Center. As with past festivals, visitors came away with a better understanding of conservation, an excitement and appreciation for science, and were motivated to get out and enjoy the natural world. Stay tuned—we will announce the location of next year's festival in the fall issue.

little girl with fish she caught
Bob Morgan (background) and Chris Urban (foreground) from the Fish and Boat Commission show off some reptiles.
(Photo: Greg Czarnecki)
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