Keystone WILD! Notes

WINTER 2007-2008

a free calendar that'll grow on you


Wildflower lovers can welcome the new year with a gift from the Wild Resource Conservation Program.

The Program is offering a 2008 Threatened and Endangered Plants of Pennsylvania Calendar that can be downloaded free at

Each month features a full-color photo of a beautiful and rare Pennsylvania wild plant, from the small whorled pegonia—the state’s rarest orchid—to the beaked spikerush—an endangered wetland plant.

Each month also includes a short description of the plant and explanation of the threats it faces.

For instance, the southern blue monkshood grows 2–4 feet tall and features violet-blue flower clusters that bloom from August to October. The plant, which is threatened by development, is found only in three southwestern Pennsylvania counties.
Download, learn and enjoy. It’s the WRCP’s way of saying thank you for all of your support.


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