Keystone WILD! Notes

WINTER 2007-2008

turn wildlife videos into dvd's


Viamedia, of Bethlehem, recently donated a commercial grade DVD burner to the Wild Resource Conservation Program to support its educational efforts.

The equipment allows the Program to transfer its earlier documentaries, which were released on video, onto DVDs. The program requests a donation of at least $10 for each film transferred to DVD. For information, contact the program at 717-787-3212.

Earlier videos produced by the Program include:

“American Kestrel: Finding A Home;”
“Butterflies & Moths: A Delicate Balance;
“Living on the Edge” (Bog turtle);
“Old Growth Forests: Pennsylvania’s Forgotten Giants;”
“On the Rocks” (Allegheny woodrat);
“Pennsylvania: Conserving Nature’s Diversity” (introduction to biodiversity);
“Pennsylvania’s Vernal Ponds;”
“Pennsylvania’s Wild Gardens” (native plants);
“Season of the Bat;”
“Return From Forever” (osprey reintroduction);
“Shadow of Misunderstanding” (rattlesnakes);
“The Homecoming” (river otters); and
“Traveling Minstrels: Pennsylvania’s Songbirds.”


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