Wild Notes Winter 2011 edition

Winter 2011

*You can also download the entire issue in PDF form.

Cosmo the flying squirrel


You can also download the entire issue in printable PDF form

From the Editor’s Desk

Editor Jessica Sprajcar is Conservation Program Manager for the Department of Conservation and Natural Resources

Many say that the term sustainability is over-used and not well understood. What does it mean exactly? When I think of sustainability, I think of living lightly on the land so that future generations of people and the countless other species that share our planet will be able to survive and thrive. So for that reason I think the term is not over-used. Is there any more important term in the conservation world?

This issue of Wild!Notes focuses on a variety of sustainability issues, from educating youth and municipal officials about the importance of land use planning, to managing grasslands for species protection, to mapping important habitats to guide land acquisition.

Preparing for climate change can be a sustainable action, as can controlling invasive species. As you read this issue of Wild!Notes, think about how you can make your life more sustainable. Not only will it benefit you, but many generations to come.

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